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WALLAS Heating Systems – 1 to 4KW

A Wallas diesel marine heater produces the most heating power per single Watt of electricity in its class with products ranging from 0.5 – 4 kW. Diversity of products ensures that Wallas caters for most applications within the power output range:

  • Boat Products: Heaters, cookers and ovens
  • Cottage Products: Heaters for summer cottages
  • Camper Products: Stove-heaters for camper vans

A huge benefit of Wallas heating systems is they utilise diesel or paraffin fuel, which make the majority of installations relatively straightforward. Although the products produce high amounts of heat energy, due to low electrical power consumption, the products are also ideal for both 12 and 24V dc off-grid applications.

For a marine heater in Scotland, Marine Projects can advise you on the best Wallas product to meet your specific requirements.

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