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Solé has more than 30 years of experience with Mitsubishi engines, giving the credibility to their final product. A complete range from 16 to 95 hp gives the best coverage to a wide range of boats for leisure or commercial application. Mitsubishi engines are the definition of reliability, hardiness and durability and are settled in many industrials applications.

The Solé diesel engine on a NISSAN base has a great versatility. Thanks to its small size this engine is perfectly suitable for leisure and commercial boats which require reliable, and durable high performance in a very reduced space.

The Solé Diesel engines on a DEUTZ base include power ranging from 165 to 272 HP. These engines have been specially designed for continuous duty. Thanks to a low rpm, we get more by less - a high power torque rating at less fuel consumption. These engines are perfectly suitable for displacement boats that require the highest economical power rating over prolonged periods.


Solé Diesel produces its marine generator sets at 50 Hz with power ratings from 6.6 kVA (6.6 kW) to 112.4 kVA (90 kW), meeting the latest emissions regulations. These marine generators sets are known in the market for their compact size, reduced noise levels founded on the most reliable engine bases Mitsubishi and DEUTZ.